December 06, 2010

dec.HMD213 (SOLD)

Gap (Red) grunge long top
Slim-fitting but meant to wear slightly loose
Closer look on the prints
Unique back print
Cropped sleeves
Authentic. Small size. African cotton - cooling material!

Item Code: HMD213
Brand: Gap
Size: XS (fits UK6-8)
Condition: Excellent
Flat Measurements: Bust 42cm; Waist 37cm; Length 72cm
Material: African Cotton

Price: RM30
Status: SOLD

Bought from Gap store last year. Worn few times. One of my favorites too but took great care in it cos I planned to wear it for very long term. Unfortunately am not able to do so due to weight gain.

I know I don't like to wear printed tops with wordings but I couldn't resist this. The grunge effect with 3D shadowy wordings, slim-fitting outlook and super comfy cooling material prompted me to buy. This will be one of the best buys you'll ever have. Doesn't go out of shape at all.