December 06, 2010

dec.HMD204 (SOLD)

G2000 formal cardigan
Can be worn unbutton..
Or worn with half buttoned..

Or worn fully buttoned for a more formal look

Has a slight defect on 4th button hole
Closer look on defect
Authentic, size 7
Made of cooling material

Item Code: HMD204
Brand: G2000
Size: Medium-7 (fits UK8-small 10)
Condition: Good, worn few times
Flat Measurements: Bust 36cm (buttoned); Waist 37cm (buttoned); Length 58cm
Material: Rayon & Lycra

Price: RM20
Status: SOLD

Bought from G2000 store in Singapore few years ago. Worn few times only because I find it a bit too formal for my working environment. Plus I don't really wear cardigans.

A small defect on 4th button hole, looks like a stretch mark or printed mark but no extended hole. Not for extremely fussy buyers.