September 17, 2010


Assorted belts - not for fussy buyers
Vintage belts (a) - (f)
(a) Brass buckle with suede synthetic leather
(a) Condition: Visible worn signs
(b) Studded khaki belt
(b) By Esprit
(c) Suede synthetic leather
(c) Buckle decorated with crystal 'diamonds'
(d) Dark brown linked belt
(d) Condition: Worn signs
(d) Genuine leather
(e) Black patented cincher
(e) Elastic at the back
(e) Condition: Some loose threads
(f) Grey snake-skin belt
(f) Condition: Excellent except for the metal

Item Code: HMD185
Condition: Vintage

(a) - RM4
Status: Available
Personal item, it's been many years since I used it.

(b) - RM10
Status: Available
Belongs to sister's. Never been used, kept in storage for years.

(c) - RM10
Status: SOLD
Personal item, never been used. Bought from Old Blossom Box.

(d) - RM10
Status: Reserved for r.k
Personal item, never been used. Also bought from Old Blossom Box.

(e) - RM5
Status: SOLD
Personal item, never been used except on mannequin. Am not into cincher-style.

(f) - RM10
Status: SOLD
Bought from another vintage blogshop. Never been used.