September 17, 2010

sep.HMD184 (SOLD)

Satchel bag in red
Carry it on shoulder
Or sling it for better movement!
Size is just-about-right
Adjust the straps so that bag hits the waist - vintage style!
I never like back pockets. In actual fact, good handbag should not have back pocket at all!
Subtle sheen on the texture, not too shining but not too dull
Buckles are functional hence adjustable to tighten or loosen
A little tear but it's at the back - hidden from public eye
A spot of smudge on the front but, can you really see it at all? Yea, it's tiny!
Spacious front pocket
Brown interior complements the red, yes?
Three compartments inside
Very clean interior, no dirt and no defects at all! Like new!

Item Code: HMD184
Condition: Vintage

Price: RM20
Status: SOLD

Bought from overseas vintage market. Its subtle sheen of red caught my eyes and I like the way it looks when carried :) 

It's a very lightweight (synthetic leather) satchel bag that you can lug around anywhere you go. With the versatility of having it on shoulder or act as sling bag, plus the wonders of tightening or loosening it whenever you have little or heavy load, you can make use of it in many many ways!