September 07, 2010


Sling it..
Or carry on shoulder..

Front view

Back view

Two-toned even on the strap!

This kind of zipper tag is common for Italian bags

Pebbled genuine leather; nice combination of colors!

Genuine leather strap with gold buckle

A spot of dirt on the right, barely noticeable

Another speck of dirt on the left; both can be cleaned with proper products

See, told ya the dirts are not seen easily unless you hold it close to your eyes!

Made in Italy

Even the inner is made of top quality fabric with cool shades!

Item Code: HMD173
Condition: Excellent like new (pre-owned from overseas vintage market)
Flat Measurements: Length 21cm; Height 15cm; Base width 4.5cm

Price: RM40
Status: Available

I couldn't take my eyes off when I spotted it and even more mesmerized when I touched this bag. The workmanship and materials used are seriously top-notch! Upon inspecting I'm convinced such a luxury bag should not be left alone :)

Turquoise pebbled leather matched with butter smooth brown leather strap.. so rich and exquisite!