January 17, 2010

Fresh Start, New Beginning!

Holla beauties! A brand new year with everyone placing hopes and making resolutions! MsQuirk is moving house soon so gonna sell more and more stuff to avoid unnecessary packing!

With that said, HMD is now updated!


jan.BROWNSUGAR (sold)

Item Code: HMD159
Brand: -
Size: Small
Flat Measurements: Chest 44cm; Empire waist 31cm
Condition: Preloved, but never worn before

Price: RM12
Status: SOLD

Bought from AndMoreAgain.

I really like the prints but didn't dare to wear such sexy outfit unless I'm on vacation and I didn't go anywhere till late last year. When I tried it on again, ha, tight tight tight.

Ladies, take from my experience. Wear the clothes right after you buy them cos we may never have the chance next time!


Item Code: HMD158
Brand: Art Words
Size: Medium
Flat Measurements: Chest 40.5cm; Arm width 22cm; Length 58cm
Condition: Excellent, worn only twice

Price: RM14
Status: Available

Bought from ViVi at about RM30. I really like this piece but it's a bit short for my height.

According to the seller, it's from Japan and I believe her. The cotton material is really of top quality. Smooth and thick. That kind like, when-you-touch-it-you-know-it. I wore it with dark brown mini and white denim jeans. Received compliments from friends yo! :P

Note on the slight worn signs on the collar as shown in the last picture.


Item Code: HMD157
Brand: G2000
Size: 7 (medium)
Flat Measurements: Length 57cm
Condition: Excellent, worn only once

Price: RM14
Status: Available

I bought this from G2000 in Singapore many years ago. Only wore it once and chucked it aside because it was a bit sheer and if I wore it with inner then I will look like stuffed wanton :-\

It's made of slight shining knitted material, not very transparent but your bra can be seen under direct sunlight :P Thus the arm hole is wide enough to inform you that this is one turtleneck that is sleeveless-for-ventilation-but-you-gotta-wear-inner-so-that-people-will-not-stare-at-that-area.

Oh but it will turn heads. Cos of the color, the slight-shiny material and the unique lines at the back (2nd picture) that draws your curves for everyone to ogle.

jan.CHAMELEON (Sold)

Item Code: HMD154
Brand: Vhr
Size: Medium
Flat Measurements: Shoulder 37cm; Chest 36cm; Waist 33cm; Length 62cm
Condition: Excellent, worn only once

Price: RM14
Status: SOLD

Bought from AndMoreAgain. Outbid the rest, again. Woohoo!

I love the icy baby blue shade and shiny (discoball) goldish rainbow wordings that shouts RETRO BABYYYYY!

Sadly I only wore it once (with mini twiggy - HMD116) and forgotten about it till late last year. By then my body has outgrown this tee! :(

jan.JUGHEAD (Sold)

Item Code: HMD153
Brand: Junkfood
Size: Medium
Flat Measurements: Shoulder 36cm; Chest 40cm; Waist 33cm; Length 60cm
Condition: Preloved, but worn only once

Price: RM10
Status: SOLD

Bought from AndMoreAgain, not from FOS :P

When you're meeting your friends to lepak @ mamaks, this is one cooling tee to wear. Point your shirt to the seller if you wait too long for murtabak! And after eating, your friends decide to go for shopping, heh, just dash home to pair with a floral mini and off you go in a retro-vintage style!


Item Code: HMD152
Brand: H&M
Size: EU 38 / US 8
Flat Measurements: Shoulder 41cm; Chest 48cm; Sleeve length 60cm; Length 60cm
Condition: Preloved, but worn only twice

Price: RM10
Status: Available

I bought from offline bazaar in 2008. Didn't wear it often cos I was constantly shopping that time, every week was wearing new clothes I bought over the weekends :-\

Though the sizing is bigger for UK6-8 babes, do note that you can always wear it for layering. I used to wear white camisole inside and pair with black pants for work. Of course I can't do the same now since I can't fit into it anymore.

Do note on the stains shown on the pictures. I've absolutely no idea what they are nor how they got there. Suspect it was there before I bought it since it wasn't new before I own it. The stains look more like loose powder stuck on it but I couldn't seem to remove them. Just roll up the sleeves if you're conscious. The last picture shows a discoloration spot that's dark maroon in color. However it's definitely not noticeable.

Bottomline.. it's not for fussy buyers!