August 30, 2009

Beam me up, scottie

Huu dat?

I have been inactive for over a month eh? My bad.. have been really busy for the past weeks and weeks.. Sorry loves!

Hence this batch has 10 items for your view, hope you like them!
Oh, and dun worry.. HMD never break your budget ;)

Mini Twiggy

Item Code: HMD116
Brand: Modus Vivendi
Size: Small
Flat Measurements: Waist 40cm; Hips 41cm; Length 31cm
Condition: Vintage mint; worn once

Price: RM14
Status: Available again

Bought from Beautiful Disaster. This mini skirt is made of processed wool+cotton. Gives a snuggy feel and hugs your hips nicely. Add on a plain top, pair with colored stockings and stylo boots for a chic Oxford look :)

Note: Loose threads behind the zipper section (3rd pic)

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