May 08, 2009

G2000 I'm Subtle

Item Code: HMD096
Brand: G2000
Size: 7 - Medium
Condition: Preloved

Price: RM6
Status: Available

Knitted black tank top from G2000. The viscose material is cooling enough to wear under hot sun. When worn, it gives you a sassy and chic outlook. There are two small loose threads on the lower front of the top (3rd pic) and rough frays at the lower back of the top (4th pic).

PDI Of Glam & Wings

Item Code:
HMD091 (white)
, HMD092 (green)
Brand: PDI
Size: Small
Condition: Excellent; worn twice for each tee

Price: RM10
Status: 092 available (091 sold)

White Tee - "It's Hard Work To Look This Good" - Glittery wordings.
Green Tee - 4 crystal studs on motif with velvety threads as embroidery

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